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    Manager Thread redux

    Second win for stoke against Fulham,perhaps Jones is getting somewhere .
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    Cambridge United v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    The defending for the 3rd goal was not good,by then I think we had lost shape and matey could have made a brew before crossing the ball.bad day all round but game on tues with a chance to redeem ourselves ,we have had a good start and we are bound to get bad days,let’s just hope the good results...
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    Politics Today

    If we just deal with the facts,we had a referendum with two questions,leave or stay,leave won and then the MPs passed article 50 confirming that we would leave,then during the election both major parties stood on manifestos which said the leave vote would be respected,guess what 3 years...
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    Worst Ever Performance

    Warrington game for me,a complete example of tisdale paying too much respect to the opposition and also having to listen to that scouser who is now manager of oxford,who was on tv just because his brother was the Warrington manager,if ever Tisdale sent a team out to lose,then it was that...
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    Aren't we all delighted?

    A refreshing change from the previous incumbent who has just talked a load of waffle after MK dons latest defeat,we are indeed lucky to have the current manager we have !
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    Exeter City v Forest Green Rovers Matchday Thread

    Talking to a couple of FGR fans on way back to the car,one said he was out of his seat celebrating,the other one said it was quite simply one of the best saves he had ever seen !
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    Exeter City v Forest Green Rovers Matchday Thread

    Good game which we could have won by more,but nonetheless a clean sheet,and 3 points against one of our rivals so well done,great save by Jonny Maxted and why oh why did Nicky law try to lob the keeeper instead of just running at him? A word for the referee pedantic and erratic (I know that’s...
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    Politics Today

    Titanic sank,de lorean went bust and as for frank Carson !!!!
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    Politics Today

    The EU have been intracient in their negotiations because in my view if the U.K. leaves and prospers,then others will want to follow and they won’t want that.The fact that three years down the road the negotiations haven’t moved on speaks a s much about the EU as much as it does about the...
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    Former Players

    I think it’s fair so say the Mk fans are now becoming underwhelmed with Lord Tisdale and the signings he has made,dull unimaginative football and strange tactics,all sounds very familiar!
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    A face you would never tire of punching

    That bint who does the oral b toothpaste ad,I didn’t know they made a toothpaste ! Has she never been into a supermarket .
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    St Thomas exhibition

    Yes !!
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    Crewe Alexandra v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Dissapointing to play so well first half and not kill the game off,but a point away against the second placed team is always a good point,Taylor is obviously frustrated,but I expect the wondermanager down the A38 is equally hacked off! So it’s vegan rovers next up,so hopefully some clinical...
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    The Apprentice 2019

    A proper collection of modest chancers and bulls###t merchants! I was joking about the modesty
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    Politics Today

    Well Johnson has put his plans to the EU,if he gets a deal all well and good,but if they reject it he can blame them and go to the next election blaming the EU and the establishment so it’s a win win for him.that maybe simplifying the issue but the get Brexit done slogan may well be the election...