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    Hiram Boateng take a bow

    Yes we are massively. Well that is until the tribunal award us a large compensation fee... Any news on that, by the way?
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    Jack Sparkes

    He was excellent again tonight.
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    Transfers in/outs 2019/20 and Retained list

    Really hope it works out well for him. Only a 6 month deal, no doubt due to his injury record, but a decent standard of football. Good luck Troy.
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    Premier League Cup 2019-20

    Any chance of Nigel A making an appearance from the bench?
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    League 2 News

    I see their goalkeeper was booked, presumably for wasting time, so no they probably haven't moved on in that regard.
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Substituted after 75 mins. But hardly surprising seeing a he hasn't played a lot football yet this season.
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    Steve Stacey

    I'd just started secondary school when he signed, so must have been the very early 70's. I can't remember the own goal though. Very steady, if unspectacular FB, as I recall.
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    League 2 News

    Not League 2, I accept, but the Cowley Bros in advanced negotiations to take over at Sheff Wednesday.
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    Exeter v Chelt'num - Trophy - Matchday Thread

    Well done City reserves. Another £10k to bank.
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    Cundy recalled by Bristol

    On the bench for Torquay tonight, away at Woking. They got the paper work sorted pretty quickly on this one.
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    League 2 News

    But apparantly, the EFL are now going to meet, to consider this very option, according to Sky Sports News.......
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    League 2 News

    Good grief! If those figures are correct, then Scuthorpe have lost over £15 million in those six years. All that just to be bottom of the football league! Who on earth is bank rolling that?
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    Exeter City on this day

    Yes, I was at that one. Good ol' Dazza. Didn't we have a player sent off? Andy Cyrus? or was that another game down there.
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    Matt Taylor appreciation thread

    Oh no, the dreaded curse!