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    Red Legion - Liverpool Display

    Well done guys good effort.
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    ECFC - action from the archives

    Great nostalgia - if a bit chilling to remember! Used to have to dodge the slates and stones coming up over the back of the Barn Park end! Mr Oldsmobile is spot on in recollections. I was there Boxing Day 77 and it was a few seasons before we went down there in decent numbers. There'd been a...
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    Great Western Grecians November Meeting

    Yes was good fun and the Cornubia pub - though an old Bristol institution - will make a good new venue for GWGs meets. Certainly looks like they might get some good Exeter and Devon beers guesting in the future!
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    how true is this!

    Thought it was headbutt rather than thump. He was lucky to get away with it ... ECFC didn't press charges IIRC. But then Elam was no saint!
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    Pace, power and athleticism !

    "I’ve always been a direct player with pace and power, and I’m looking to bring that to Exeter." - Alex Nicholls Well, you can but hope...
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    Tupi FC v Exeter City Official Match Day thread

    Google translated so bit rough... Who is miss seeing the Tupi in action in Juiz de Fora and not wait reform Lawn Municipal Stadium will be ready a great opportunity today. Plus, you can watch closely to a friendly international soccer, something rare in the over one hundred year history of...
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    Plymouth Argyle vs Exeter City Official Matchday Thread.

    Awesome! Well done the 800 loyals and enjoy the bragging rights you deserve it! But safe home from that sh*t hole boys...
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    Is this the end for our Green chums ?

    Ever had that sinking feeling? ;) Probably ought to stop gloating really.... well soonish... maybe.
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    any one got last min ticket

    I have a spare ticket if you want to PM me.
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    11th Dec PAFC away

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to 'advertise' this but I have a spare match ticket for Saturday if anyone would like to PM me.
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    Now Who Thinks It's Meaningless

    I don't often post but read this board every day and just want to say absolutely spot on Mr Red Faced. Argyle are just the bullies in our corner of the playground (Devon). The rest of the country and League couldn't give a t*** about them or at best ridicule them: 'green army'. Sadly it was...
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    Yes I think you're right. Went to the Friday (won 1-0 (Alan Beer) and we were given their home end) and away to Brentford on the monday or thereabouts (lost 0-1), but had to miss the Newport game in between sadly!
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    Now about these Avatar's...

    London Girls - Chas n Dave
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    A new Chapter for Pitch In

    Desperately trying to make the game on Sat but if I can't, save one each for me guys.
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    Lifts available from Bristol to Tranmere

    Sorry to start a new thread but late cancellations mean I have 4 seats now spare in an 8 seater mpv. Leaving Bristol 9am. Mobile 07563 557727 Cheers