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    City v Grimsby predictions and Chat

    A nice finish to the month with a hard thought 2-1 win
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    City v Newport predictions and chat.

    Would take a point all day long here - hopeful of 1-1 but the could be the first league loss this season....
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    Exeter vs Port Vale Prediction Thread

    The unbeaten run goes on with a 2-1 win
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    Band Identity

    Looking forward to seeing Kavus and the rest of the band at HRH Prog in Oct :love:
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    Absolutely spot on - i really didn't want to leave and head back to the smoke... I am not normally one for mentioning referees but I cannot recall a worse display of officiating at any match at any level.. A mention also for Jack Sparkes - thought he had an excellent game and looks a real bright...
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    Band Identity

    Gong are still going after starting in 1967 without a single original member
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    Will the people of Exeter turn up

    2 people of Ashford will be turning up now the South West highway will be less busy on a Sat AM (y)
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    England's Ashes Test Team

    Completely underwhelmed by the decision and performance
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    Advice needed: Take family to Plymouth game?

    No problem at all at ours - wouldn't recommend away though can be quite hostile
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    Carlisle Utd Versus Exeter City Discussion and prediction thread

    we should win but have a feeling it may be 1-1
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    September 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    Here we go - City scores first 07/9 Away Carlisle 1-1 14/9 Home Leyton Orient 3-1 (My first home game now the A30/A303 won't be log jammed!) 17/9 Home Port Vale 2-0 21/9 Away Newport 1-1 28/9 Home Grimsby 2-1 Still unbeaten, further clear at the top and 11 points (y)
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    Oldham Athletic v Exeter City Prediction (score crowd & team) thread

    Seems I went for loss in monthly point thread but reckon 2-2, team ??, crowd??
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    Exeter City (one) v Swindon Town prediction thread

    I went for 2-0 in the monthly but will have to go 1-1
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    Coventry City V Exeter City Carabao Cup 1st Round - Matchday Thread

    His kicking is just as bad as his predecessors - take it you weren't at Satanage?