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    What was the last pub you visited...

    Crown and Anchor, Northampton - cracking boozer (y)
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    Northampton Town v Exeter City - Matchday Thread

    The last time we had the black away kit that was a disaster too, there is clearly something in this sighting issue for sure, anyway bar one or two players we were dire yesterday
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    Leyton Orient - Saturday 25 April

    Clap, clap + junior + hopefully some other non Exeter buddies :D
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    Northampton Town v Exeter City discussion thread

    Fancy us to win this now despite going 2-0 Cobblers in the monthly points....
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    Portsmouth V's Exeter City EFL Trophy SF Official Match Day Thread

    Agreed on Fisher but Law seriously ??? If anyone was poor it was Lee Martin (again)
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    Cheltenham away - 4th April

    No clap from me, don't like their reserved seat policy and clashes with the Grand National (again!!)
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    Its The ECFC Player Knockout Game

    Lewis Ward - 10 Jon Maxted - 10 Dino Visser - 8 Pierce Sweeney - 10 Craig Woodman - 11 Aaron Martin - 10 Tom Parkes - 10 Gary Warren - 8 Jayden Richardson - 8 Dean Moxey - 11 Alex Hartridge - 10 Jordan Dyer - 10 Nigel Atangana - 10 Lee Martin - 10 Nicholas Law - 11 Randall...
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    City scores 1st 01/02 A Swindon 1-1 08/02 H Stevenage 3-0 11/02 H Oldham 3-1 15/02 A Macclesfield 1-1 22/02 A Northampton 0-2 29/02 H Crawley 2-1 11 points still in top 2
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    Northampton Town - Sat 22nd Feb

    A lot of L2 is now + £20, getting a bit silly - that said clap, clap + junior
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    Port Vale Vs Exeter City Official Match Day Thread 28/1/20 FLD2

    Blame Sky soccer special "Exeter haven't conceded an away goal in 2020"
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    Obituary Thread

    very odd I saw an article that said Terry Gilliam had gone but clearly not!
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    Obituary Thread

    Half the Pythons gone now 😢
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    Swindon v ECFC

    Stand at the back as usual is my plan
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    Swindon v ECFC

    This is going to be very interesting as the seats are "unreserved" Can see it being a right old bun fight !