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    City - Game for a Laugh Thread

    there was a lot of real wit and ingenuity in Candid Camera. i think my favourite at the time was the goldfish eating... ..two customers queuing at a shop counter as the shopkeeper goes out the back to fetch something. One customer plunges his hand into the goldfish tank on the counter, pulls...
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    EFL Football suspended until 30 April

    Whatever happens the results shouldn’t be expunged. Even if there is no relegation or promotion, we don’t want to deprive all those players of their goals and appearance records (it would knock 20+ goals off of Ollie Watkins tally) . Or worse still, the records would show we had never beaten...
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    I am on the lookout for when we have good news from the figures. There seem to be some really talented mathematicians on here who might be able to help. It would be a good sign when the *rate of increase* starts to slow ( rather than either total numbers or the number of new cases per day) i...
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    EFL Football suspended until 30 April

    They cannot expunge this season from the records. That would mean - we didn’t beat Argyle 4-0 - Ollie Watkins hasn’t scored a single goal for a year
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    [Rerun] Exeter City and Carlisle POSF. KO 5.30pm and 7.45PM

    Is that bloke at the front of the Big Bank gobsmacked again?
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    Burnley v Exeter 7/3/87 0-0 draw attendance 1792,

    The Burnley away game I remember is from a few years earlier when IIRC City fans travelling from Exeter shared a coach with Falcons speedway fans away in Manchester (? Belle Vue?). the coach arrived late to the ground with fans chant dissolving into ‘ oh ****’ as their entry onto the terrace...
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    Matt Taylor Twitter takeover

    Yes, it was great and thanks also (to Hants?) for putting it on here.
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    Below the National League

    As pointed out in the MT twitter thread, have to feel for our youngsters who were in with a good chance of promotion at Tiverton, Truro , Taunton and Bath.
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    Furlough Payments

    And remember also that it is only 80% of wages up to a cap of 80% of median income ie 80% of (IIRC) 30k pa. most of our senior players are on loads more than that.
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    Did Football Ever Really Exist?

    Did what ever exist?
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    Former Players

    can I recommend soccerbase to you?it seems that wherever you looked up Kane’s appearances this season it gave you duff information. . Rather than no appearances he has 13. But most importantly that includes eight games in the last six weeks before football stopped. Moreover he has played...
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    Trust 2020: Vote on your all time Academy XI

    of course we could do an Exeweb version of the best Academy eleven without that rule!
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    Oh dear! Looks like I will have to bin my application to join the tie break committee? (though I did say I was being a pundit ... and so my contribution was about as insightful and accurate as Robbie Savage...)
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    well, as the committee hasn‘t even been convened ( has it fallen foul of a ban on mass gatherings?)and there is little else to do, I will indulge in a little punditry. looks like Indomike clinches it. Three people with one point , but only Mike has it the right way round. Alistair20000 and...
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    EFL Football suspended until 30 April

    Manageable if we can get up and running again in seven weeks time at the end of April. nine league games in May, five Saturday and four midweek games. Play offs in first fortnight of June. start next season in mid August