Club Issues Warning on Ticket Touting

The Club have been made aware of tickets being sold on the Internet for the Liverpool FA Cup tie, including tickets being offered for sale at £125 each in the “For Sale in Exeter” Facebook group.liverpool_tickets

The Club have now issued the following statement:-

EXETER CITY FOOTBALL CLUB has been made aware of a number of people seeking to profiteer from their purchases of Liverpool tickets from the club.

People with the intention of selling their tickets should be aware of the following:

Section 53 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 states that a criminal conviction for ticket touting carries with it a maximum penalty of a fine of £5,000. A football banning order can also be imposed on a tout as a preventative measure.

The club has made major efforts to ensure a fair distribution of tickets, and will follow up all such incidents vigorously.

Proof of individual profiteering from “touting” match tickets will result in removal from the database.

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